The Parish Council and the community put together a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) Working Group for Loxley.   The resident led Working Group was tasked by the Parish Council to produce a NDP for Loxley in accordance with government guidelines.

Minutes of meetings and the results from the Household Survey can be downloaded from the list below. An initial draft Plan (May 2018) followed on from the consultation period (which ran from May 16th to 5th July 2018) and can also be downloaded from the links detailed under ‘Key Documents’ below.

Comments have been considered and a revised draft prepared and can be downloaded below (Consultation draft – October 2018). In addition, full supporting appendices have been prepared, including :

  • The consultation programme
  • Details of pre-plan consultations, including questionnaires, open days and responses (Appendix 1)
  • Summary of Consultation on Pre-Submission Loxley NDP (Appendix 2 and 2a), which details responses to consultees and statutory stakeholders, including responses to the most recent consultation period on the revised plan (from 15th November 2018 to 10th January 2019. 

For an informal discussion about the Plan please contact the Parish Council at or approach one of your local Councillors.