LPC meetings

Due to the difficulties holding physical meetings for the remainder of this year (and through to May 2021 and possibly beyond) all meetings will be held virtually via zoom. If you would like to attend any of these meetings please request an invite from the Clerk who can be contacted on: loxleyparishclerk@gmail.com

Casual vacancy

Loxley Parish Council will have a casual vacancy arising at the end of this year and are looking ahead to ensure a smooth succession. We are therefore seeking to identify interested candidates now with a view to recruiting a replacement Councillor to take up the position at the start of 2021. If you are interested and would like to apply or require further information about the role please get in touch with one of your local Councillors. Deadline: 4th September 2020.  Alternatively, email loxleyparishchair@gmail.com or for an informal discussion call Glynn Jones on 07714 561 463.

Strawberry Fayre 2020 cancelled

Unfortunately due to the on-going Covid-19 restrictions and requirement for social distancing to be maintained we have had to cancel this year’s Strawberry Fayre. However, we are already looking forward to 2021 and look forward to seeing you then.

Covid 19 – Hastings House Prescription Delivery Service

Wellesbourne Community Helpline with the help of volunteers is running a scheme to deliver prescriptions from Hastings House Surgery. If you know of any vulnerable persons that would benefit from this service please contact Glynn Jones on 07714 561 463.

How does the system work?
Step 1. Patients – order their prescriptions as normal via the Dispensary (either on-line or call 01789 840 247) by Tuesday for Friday delivery.
Step 2. Patients – then request delivery via Wellesbourne Community Helpline (07766 413 519) by Wednesday for Friday delivery.
Step 3. Delivery by local volunteer will made that same Friday to your door (maintaining social distance). If you are unable to take receipt prescriptions will be returned to the Surgery.

In the meantime if you have any queries email : loxleyparishchair@gmail.com

Covid-19 – Parish Council meetings cancelled

Due to corona virus all LPC meetings have been cancelled. In the meantime, for those self isolating there is help available to assist with shopping (you should have received a note from Jonathan Baker). Glynn and Laura are NHS responders and will deliver prescriptions for households that are self isolating. We will keep you updated via the website. In the meantime, if you need any help contact Laura, Dan or Glynn (contact details listed on ‘Parish Councillors’ page). The Government’s Coronavirus webpage is www.gov.uk/coronavirus.


NDP Referendum

LPC are pleased to announce that on 27 February 2020, there will be a referendum on the Loxley NDP. All voters are eligible to vote. You will receive a poll card in due course.  The Polling Station (Loxley School) will be open from 7am to 10pm. If you have a postal vote already, you will receive a poll card confirming this. Further details on the referendum are detailed in the booklet on the NDP page or alternatively view at www.stratford.gov.uk/loxleynp.

Welcome to our new Councillor

Welcome to our new Councillor Laura Mitchell who was formally co-opted to the arish Council at last Tuesday’s Parish Council meeting held at the Church.  This is a great new appointment to the Council and we look forward to working with Laura over the coming months and hopefully much longer.

LPC – Casual Vacancy

We are looking to recruit a Councillor to replace Maria. If you are interested in applying please reply to loxleyparishchair@gmail.com. Alternatively. if you would like an informal discussion to discuss the role please get in touch with one of your local Councillors or call Glynn Jones on 07714 561 463 before the 23rd August 2019.