The parish of Loxley is located just 4 miles to the south-east of Stratford-Upon-Avon. It has a population of around 340 spread across 159 homes, largely located in two main residential communities – Loxley Village and the more recent Loxley Park.

Historic Buildings

Loxley’s ancient history is reflected in several buildings of architectural merit. The Church is the oldest building in Loxley, dating back to the 8th century. Other listed buildings include Loxley Farm and the Old Rectory. Loxley Manor, Loxley Hall, the School and the Fox public house are also of historic interest.

Natural Environment

A large part of the village (to the south of the Stratford / Wellesbourne Road) sits within a designated ‘Special Landscape Area’. The Church Meadow Nature Reserve, where traditional ridge and furrow strips can been seen, is a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest.

Loxley Today

While the natural and built environment has largely been conserved, socially and economically there is much that has changed. The shop and post office have long since gone.  However, the community has retained its school, church and playing fields. These facilities provide a focus for many community activities including for example, the Friends of Loxley School, the Loxley Strawberry Fayre, the Parochial Church Council, and the Parish Council.   For a detailed statistical profile of the Parish click on Census 2011 below, which details small area statistics for the locality and compares the area in relation to the wider district.

Village Information