Wellesbourne Community Helpline with the help of volunteers is running a scheme to deliver prescriptions from Hastings House Surgery. If you know of any vulnerable persons that would benefit from this service please contact Glynn Jones on 07714 561 463.

How does the system work?
Step 1. Patients – order their prescriptions as normal via the Dispensary (either on-line or call 01789 840 247) by Tuesday for Friday delivery.
Step 2. Patients – then request delivery via Wellesbourne Community Helpline (07766 413 519) by Wednesday for Friday delivery.
Step 3. Delivery by local volunteer will made that same Friday to your door (maintaining social distance). If you are unable to take receipt prescriptions will be returned to the Surgery.

In the meantime if you have any queries email : loxleyparishchair@gmail.com

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